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massage Hannah keeps my arms moving especially where I have chronic pain in my right shoulder. She gives gentle but effective massage.
MLD There are very few professionals in the area familiar with Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD). I was drawn to a workshop Hannah offered and have been happily cared for every since! Thank you Hannah for continuing your training in this area, you are awesome!
Found another reason to be grateful! Hannah has an unbelievable ability to hone in on the problem before you can even articulate it. She is kind, gentle, and has taken her career very seriously. You can not find anyone better in this area.
Pat McDonald - Berlin
Recommending Hannah As some of you may know I am a two-time cancer survivor. I have had a double mastectomy and deal sporadically with lymphedema. I heard about Hannah from a friend and am so very glad I did. She is such a professional and was willing to design a massage program specifically for me. Just the other day I returned from Maine with my lymphedema in full bloom. I called and asked Hannah to take me on an emergency basis and she did. After our session I felt so much better. I would highly recommend Hannah. Her offices and massage rooms are warm and welcoming. I feel very fortunate to have found Hannah.
Manual Lymph Drainage - a must! I have been seeing Hannah consistently for over three years for both massage and Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD). Before working with Hannah, I used to get regular sinus infections with season changes. My allergies seem to be better and I find MLD helps reduce constipation and water retention. As an added bonus, it’s just as, if not more, relaxing than massage!
Thank God I found her! When I came to Hannah, I had severe frozen shoulder and tennis elbow issues. I thought I wouldn't regain the full use of my left arm. Physical therapy - what a joke - went once and found Hannah instead. I am so glad I did - she has taken me on a journey from chronic to management of my issue. Her knowledge of massage technique and her methods really made the difference. While it feels so great, (and I might drool) - make no mistake - this is not a "spa" massage - she is targeting your specific issues with every stroke. I am very grateful. She has a client for life!
Hannah's Healing Hands! I'm very glad to have found Hannah! She has helped bring such relief to my neck and shoulder problems and improved my quality of life. Her deep knowledge and her caring and calm demeanor make her a professional I trust.
Healing, informative and passionate I have learned so much about my body from a few sessions with Hannah. She not only educates me on where tightness is coming from or pain but gives me advice on ways to help ease the area or prevent it from happening. I have never experienced such passion and dedication to clients as Hannah has shown.
Professional and Knowledgeable Hannah creates a safe, professional and comfortable environment. She is very knowledgeable about the work she does. I really appreciate her manual lymph drainage work! Highly recommended.